Lease Purchase Structure – Terms and Conditions

  1. Admin Payment

Admin fee of S$80 per unit is required upon application processing.

Payment of first Leasing is required upon delivery.

2. Payment Via GIRO Arrangement:

Instalment no. Due date of instalment payment plan Amount of instalment or Amount of penalty
1. 15th day of each month As per agreed amount
2. First unsuccessful GIRO deduction charges $20 Admin Fee
3. Second unsuccessful GIRO deduction charges – 22nd day of each month $40 Admin Fee
4. Third unsuccessful GIRO deduction charges – last day of each month Recurring late payment would result in Seller engaging legal means to pursuit the claims and item(s) under instalment payment.

*Payment can be done earlier then due date*

3. Supporting Document/Information

Applicant NRIC – Photo Showing the Name/Address Last 5 Characters

Applicant Contact Number

Applicant Bank Statement – Screenshot from Ibanking showing Account Holder Name and account number

Applicant Pay slip


Guarantor NRIC – Photo Showing the Name/Address Last 5 Characters *Must be above 21 years old* *Different Household*

Guarantor Contact Number –

Guarantor Pay slip

4. Lease Purchase Plan Period (Warranty and support thru out the lease period)

6/12 Months Lease Purchase Plan –

Lease Purchase Seti-802 Seti-806 Seti-808
12 Months Leasing $116.43 $139.77 $163.10
6 Months Leasing $199.60 $239.60 $279.60
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